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    About Us

    Get exceptional installations of artificial grass and putting greens in the Orlando region. Artificial Grass Pros are experts you can trust with your synthetic turf project for a new covering with minimal upkeep to last years. 

    We are a leading artificial grass installer for all commercial and residential owners in Orlando, FL. We have done thousands of installations for establishments in the region. We provide experienced and trained installers no matter what the project involves. 

    Maintaining a natural lawn takes a lot of work - from watering daily to mowing, fertilizing, and keeping the grass alive throughout the year. In addition, it is time-consuming to take care of natural grass and costs a lot of money to upkeep.

    You end up with less time to sit and enjoy your garden. Installing artificial turf eliminates the anguish and provides an evergreen space looking and feeling like natural grass. In addition, synthetic turf presents you with many benefits:

    • Enjoy minimal to no maintenance as you need not toil in the sun to keep it looking presentable. Artificial grass remains thick and perfect year-long. No more watering, mowing or fertilizing.
    • Non-toxic and safe for kids and pets, made with sustainable, non-toxic material without harmful chemicals. Kids and pets can play on the grass without the risk of getting sick from pesticides or weedicides.
    • High-quality synthetic turf is cost-effective, reducing the care of investing in a professional lawn care service. No use of heavy equipment to keep it pristine, and it needs no fertilizing or water.
    • Artificial grass is durable and tough to withstand weight from furniture outdoors, foot traffic, and the impact of yard activities. In addition, the synthetic grass remains in tip-top condition during active use for years.

    Enjoy the benefits of choosing Artificial Grass Pros of Orlando for your grass installation. We provide premium synthetic grass with a complete set of equipment and tools. We have years of experience to give you the best results to make your yard look great with the following services.

    Affordable Price and Reasonable Service

    Artificial Turf

    We install artificial turf in residential homes and commercial spaces in all around Naples, Florida.

    Landscape Lighting

    We are a professional, qualified landscaping service dedicated to making your desert outdoor space beautiful.

    Water Smart Landscaping

    We create beautiful landscapes using water-smart elements, xeriscaping and water-smart plants.

    Artificial Grass Has Loads of Benefits. Are you ready to take the next step?

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