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Fake Grass Pros of Orlando

No matter what synthetic turf you need, we at Artificial Grass Pros of Orlando can help. We present all with a wide selection of fake grass services. So feel free to contact us now!


Installing a pet turf is the way to go for a long-term solution to common problems with pets. The synthetic grass has a natural feel for your dog without the risks of digging holes, dirt paths in the home, or doing their daily business. Thus, fake grass solves all your problems living in Orlando.

The synthetic grass is resilient yet non-absorbent while permeable with a real feel of natural grass. Accentuate your landscaping today with artificial pet turf to use at a kennel area, pet run, or the whole lawn.

The fake grass is safe for pets as it is non-hazardous, and you need not use fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides to keep it looking great. The best part is the pet turf deters pests like fleas and ticks, keeping your pet bug-free.

Furthermore, the artificial grass is easy to clean as it allows fluids to drain into the ground. All it needs is a hose down with water or using a scoop.

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Artificial Turf

We install artificial turf in residential homes and commercial spaces in all around Naples, Florida.

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We are a professional, qualified landscaping service dedicated to making your desert outdoor space beautiful.

Water Smart Landscaping

We create beautiful landscapes using water-smart elements, xeriscaping and water-smart plants.

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“The crew provides excellent service with outstanding products. They did a great job installing a pet turf in my yard, and Fido is also happy”

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Instead of spreading the weekend mowing, raking, weeding, and watering your lawn, why not relax with your family by installing fake grass? With local Artificial Grass Pros, you can find different solutions to enjoy your backyard over weekends. You can sit back and relax without doing heaps of yard work, whether your yard is big or small. With synthetic grass, you still get a realistic look and feel that lasts longer, saving you funds.